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The best way to claim and protect your rights is IN WRITING. The free download documents here have value and utility for anyone who wishes to secure their lives and protect themselves and their families from a rigged and hostile civic and corporate infrastructure.

These documents provide answers, claims and notice to many of the bad actors and wrongdoers in government and corporations who think it is their privilege to violate your rights, seize your wealth and property, invade your privacy and assault your health and safety.

When you are "silent", when you fail to clearly state your position on the record, you are presumed to agree with whatever is being done to you! You are presumed to be a servant, slave and ATM card to the system. Documents, links and references on this web site help you correct that problem. 



This document "accepts" vaccination on the condition that ALL administrators of that vaccine accept that there are risks and accept personal liability for all harm they cause with their vaccine. They will not sign it because they know vaccines are hazardous. When they refuse to sign, that is their admission of risk, and, with that admission, you may rightfully refuse the vaccine. A more complete explanation of this vaccination notice is belo


We may soon be facing "mandated" vaccines. Those who have studied vaccines know that vaccines come with severe hazards and we must resist and oppose unlawful forced medical treatments. If you do not state your position you can be presumed to agree with any offer made to you! This document is a formal refusal of medical testing and vaccination. This document should be given to anyone who threatens to force medical treatment on us.


If you are concerned that medical testing may be forced on you, and that results of that test may be used as an excuse to violate your rights, at the very least have a statement printed and ready which states your position. If you do not state your position you may be presumed to agree with any offer or demand made of you. You may download and print the REFUSAL OF MEDICAL TESTING at the link above and you may edit that as you wish to suit your own view



Some employers seem to have the foolish, ignorant and unlawful notion that they have privilege to force vaccination as a condition of employment. This is not only wrong, it is extremely unfair and difficult for employees who wish to protect their health and safety and control their own medical options. Employers who attempt to require medical treatments for their employees should receive a stern demand to cease with notice of major consequences if they fail to do so. The download template above is such a document/notice. It can be very powerful to share this form with fellow employees so that the employer will face major disruption if medical rights are not observed. This site does not contain professional advice, only layman opinion. If you are being coerced to receive medical treatments it may be wise to seek legal counsel and take legal actions to protect your health, safety and rights.



This religious exemption template was written for the Christian religion but it can be re-written and edited for any religion. NOTE: You do not need a formal religious affiliation or any special "proof" for religious exemption. Our laws (Constitution) protect religion in such a way that a simple declaration of religious principle is a protected right. In a religious exemption you are not addressing other issues such as the Nuremberg Codes or the well-established hazards, injuries and deaths caused by vaccines, so we recommend not relying entirely on religious exemption and utilizing any and all of the other free document templates in this section as they may apply to your situation.



This document is published by the U.S. Federal Agency HRSA (Health Resources & Services Administration) under HHS (Health and Human Services). The document lists the various vaccines and their known risks for specific injuries, disabilities, illnesses, conditions and deaths and the time frames for which compensation may be paid to the victim by HRSA. Anyone who believes vaccination is risk-free should see this document. If you believe you have been injured by a vaccine this is a good place to start to determine your path to remedy, then contact: This document was taken from the HRSA web site in March, 2021, for a current copy we recommend accessing this information directly from the HRSA web site at

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