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ZeroPoint University is committed to creating and continuously improving effective learning methods to diverse communities on online educational needs. We are dedicated in promoting online knowledge and awareness of the demands of the ever changing social infrastructure for professional competency.
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The ZPU Foundation exists to help enforce realistic, sensible, reasonable and viable actions to address many of the problems facing people and society. Such solutions are based on the recognition that the ZPU paradigm is capable of providing superior solutions to systemic corruption and vulnerability at the core of contemporary communities.

By addressing and fixing these chronic illnesses of society, the symptoms (issues) can also be cured. Some of the information on this site is to assist you in better seeing how this is possible. To that end, we have outlined many of the issues facing the world today and offered a range of example actions to address these issues, based on the implementation of elements of ZeroPoint University.

ZPU foundation helping to make ZeroPoint University a reality

It is difficult to build any kind of solid foundation, particularly when it comes to better social, economic and political systems. It takes years of extensive research and endless versions and re-works, if done correctly and with understanding of the risks of history, to even come anywhere close to real answers. The alternative is incomplete and grossly unpolished prototypes that can (and have) resulted in much more harm than good over the course of history. But after several years, the hardest work has been completed and the ZPU model is finished.

A way to help save and make the planet a safer place.

Issues that plague the planet appear difficult to fathom at times. In fact, not many are able to imagine what steps could be taken for a solution. Indeed, modern societies are hugely heterogeneous organisms with a wide range of essential elements, such that, if one or two are out of balance, the whole living organism of civilization and culture is at risk.

The reality is, however, that many of the big problems facing us today are, in reality, manifestations of a larger structural pre - existing condition within the very fiber of civilization. Simply put, if the founding documents of a society are founded on bigotry, misogyny, slavery or elitism, no matter how educated and virtuous a generation might be, it only takes a generation for such a society to fall back into its primary paradigm of darkness.

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