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Status Correction Master Guide

We are here to assist you to obtain your Certificate of Live Birth in order to get it authenticated at the state and federal level.
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What's included?

  • 9 Chapters
  • 1 Certification
  • 14 Questions
  • 5 Video
  • 7 PDF

Learn how to:

• Get a certified copy of your certificate of live birth

• Redeem your birth certificate

• Become holder in due course of the title to you

• File a Declaration of lawful ownership

• Authenticate all your documents

Status Correction Master Guide

Authenticate your certificate of live birth with the Secretary of State today! 

Status Correction Master Guide

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Correct the status of your estate now!

The Birth Certificate is a Certificate of Title, just like your car! Just like your car, you get to use it as long as you follow all the regulations and of course pay tribute to its registered owner. Also Rule 220 implies that the State can treat you as a child (infant), no matter how old you are, until you have gone to the registrar and TOLD THEM via affidavit that you are over 18!   

The State holds the Title by mere presumption, that and the fact that you have never claimed it. Your mother gave it to them and you haven't gotten it back.

So, how can you get your Title back without a big confrontation at Vital Statistics? There is a painless and jail free route that one can take to regain the control that was taken from us at birth, and here we will provide all the information needed along with the step by step process in achieving sovereignty.

We are here to assist you to obtain your Certificate of Live Birth in order to get it authenticated at the state and federal level. We also provide you through the "How to become a Secured Party Creditor" step-by-step course, the steps to transfer your strawman into a private trust where the security interest is perfected in your favor.
Meet the instructor

Patrick Jones

Patrick Jones is a content specialist since 2002. Patrick enjoys teaching all levels and all ages. He looks forward to sharing his love of building meaningful and effective content with all students to develop their knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.
Patrick Jones - Course author

Frequently asked questions

I have read many reports about "Sovereign Citizens" being tried and charged, is this a safe process?

Yes, Status Correction is an entirely safe and jail free process. "Sovereign Citizen" is actually an oxymoron, a Sovereign is a free man while a Citizen is a subject of the State. Most people fail to maneuver in the commercial world properly due to lack of total understanding of this basic concept.

What is the difference between a "man" and a "person"?

A man is defined as a soul which operates a physical body. A man exists on all planes of existence and is a totally free and complete being. A person is a fictional entity, a persona, that exists in only the 2nd dimension on paper, and is used as a commercial instrument by the man. It is also known as the "Strawman." The ultimate scam is convincing the men and women they are persons.

What are the benefits of correcting your status?

Correcting your legal status allows you to take control of the 'persona" or corporate entity and use it like you would a business or company. You can discharge debts, create lawful money, use the instrument as collateral for business dealings, interface with other commercial entities, etc.

Does this apply to me if I live outside the United States?

Yes, this applies in every country which uses the Birth certificate and UCC code.

Can I do this process if I have a green card/visa?

Yes, your commercial instrument is the green card rather than the birth certificate.

How long does this process take?

We recommend you give the Status Correction process one month for completion, however the time it takes is fully dependent on the speed of the departments you are sending your BC to, and the post office. If you can go in person, you can get it all done in just a few days.

Can I do this for my children?

Yes, you can do this for your children until they reach the age of majority.

What is the significance of the ALL CAPITOL Script?

ALL CAPITOL letters always indicate a fictional entity, a corporation devoid of any rights or remedies available to a living breathing man. In Roman times, this indicated the enslavement of a man to his master. Today, all corporate entities, governments, franchises, and bills of sale are written in ALL CAPITOL script.

What is the difference between legal code and law?

Legal code = color of law = FICTION

Law = eternal principles = TRUTH

In government terms, Law is passed with a common name, like "The Stamp Act" and is passed by the representatives of the people (i.e. Congress), whereas, legal code applies to the persons or corporate entities and is created by the Executive Branch. Legal authority is admiralty, on the sea. Lawful authority is law of the Land.

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