When to File an Ecclesiastical Deed Poll? - Part 2



The ecclesiastical deed poll is meant to be served only in very serious legal situations, in order to establish freedom from the corrupt practices and obligations that have been imposed upon any man or woman living within this society. 

The last article discussed in detail why an ecclesiastical deed is necessary, you can refer to that article for the complete details. We shall however give a quick recap in this one before moving on.

The society we live in today, symbolized by governments are all man-made systems that are operating in this world but their real purpose is now only meant to enslave free men and women, right from the time of their birth into a lifelong contract of slavery and servitude.

The promissory note is used to issue currency on behalf of the child, the state therefore claims all the future earnings of the child. This is therefore a system of mass deception where the free men and women have been enslaved by the system.

This world was created by Divine power and this Divine power is the singular omnipotent authority over everything. This earth was created for humans and the human beings act as agents of the divine power to carry out its will. A person having ecclesiastical authority therefore is a true person, having the divine authority.

When to file an Ecclesiastical deed poll?

An ecclesiastical deed poll can be issued for two reasons:

Firstly, whenever a man or woman seeks freedom from the Roman slavery system. In particular freedom from slavery to the executors and administrators care of the registrar of Vital Statistics of any state/province of birth.

Secondly if any man or woman is facing a serious legal matter. It is important for the matter to be   serious and not frivolous or fraudulent in nature.

Who should be served with the Ecclesiastical deed poll?

The preferred party that should always be served first with the ecclesiastical deed poll is the office of Vital Statistics. Many individuals make the mistake of serving the court with the ecclesiastical deed poll.

Although the individuals do this in good faith, this shows a lack of legal knowledge. The deed should not be directly served to the court, as the court can dismiss the deed poll on grounds of:

  • Irrelevance to court proceedings
  • Lack of knowledge
  • Dishonor

For using the most sacred instrument for frivolous matters in the court of law.

The ecclesiastical deed poll should and should only be issued under the two conditions mentioned at the beginning of this article. It has been observed frequently that people issue the deed in matters that are related with foreclosure proceedings for being unable to pay a loan. While this situation can be used to issue an ecclesiastical deed. The issuer must be extremely cautious while doing so and must make sure that the reason for issuing the deed is true, fair and honest.

The foreclosure proceedings must have come about in an unjust and corrupt manner and not because the individual who took the loan, did not pay back the loan intentionally in order to go to foreclosure and file an ecclesiastical deed in order to escape from the legal and social obligations that bind every man or woman.

This is sadly used quite often which is why the man or woman issuing the deed must be extremely cautious that the deed should only be issued for a valid and serious enough reason.

Similarly, it has been observed that some people issue the deed in family courts in matters relating to divorce and custody. This once again is one of those situations where it is not advised to use a high and sacred document as the ecclesiastical deed. The issues of family such as custody of children and divorce essentially fall within the ambit of personal issues, that human beings end up taking to court.

It should be tried as much as possible to avoid invoking the Divine power for this reason in a family court and only when it becomes apparent that the court of law has in reality abandoned justice and is going to rule with injustice and corruption, then the ecclesiastical deed should be issued. Men and women should understand that the fact that the ecclesiastical deed exists, does not mean that any man or woman can act in any way that they wish, abandoning the pursuit of the divine. A man and woman in a married relationship are required to fulfill their respective responsibilities and if either of the parties goes to a family court for any settlement without fulfilling their familial obligations and they end up issuing the ecclesiastical deed, the same shall be seen as an act of dishonor, disregard for the divine and blasphemy for a sacred and high instrument. 

How to send an Ecclesiastical deed poll?

The ecclesiastical deed poll should be glued to the back of the long form and if long form is not possible then even the short version of the birth certificate will do. Along with the certified copy of the birth certificate a copy of the live born record of the individual serving the ecclesiastical deed should also be attached.

So, the step one comprises of gluing the ecclesiastical deed on the back of

  • Certified color copy of the birth certificate

  • Certified color copy of the live born record

  • The deed must be on robin egg blue colored paper.

  • Replace the brackets identified on the document with relevant required information. For instance, the bracket saying [first name] should be replaced with your name for instance John. Make sure to remove any brackets.
  • Make sure that the name is exactly the same as it is in the rolls listed with the office of Vital Statistics.
  • Care must be taken at this step as any little mistake can invalidate the whole process.
  • Replace the numbers listed for example on the trust deed with the number of your trust.
  • Place the thumbprint where the brackets mention [thumb print in blood]. Once the print has been imprinted with blood on the deed poll, seal the imprint with a transparent plastic or tape.
  • Insert the correct title of Vital statistics and location in the place where the brackets indicate address

The ecclesiastical deed poll must not be considered as a way out of personal obligations to the family or society. The deed is only meant to free oneself from the shackles of the corrupt man-made system that imposes certain obligations upon us that are unfair in the eyes of Divine law.

There have been instances where individuals accrued debts and acted irresponsibly in repaying the debts and when the lenders moved against them, the borrowers used the ecclesiastical deed to secure safe passage. This is a gross violation of divine law and can backfire on the user simply because of gross disrespect of the Divine law.

The name, authority and essence of the Divine must only be invoked for a true and fair purpose, as this document and process is sacred in nature.
NOTICE: This treatise constitutes neither the practice of law, nor the giving of legal advice, Information served herein is for informational and educational purposes only. Author does not consent to unlawful action. Author advocates and encourages one and all to adhere to, support and defend all LAW which is particularly applicable. You are responsible for yourself and your own actions. If you act on what you do not understand and cannot support through knowledge and ability, any adverse consequences you may experience are entirely a product of your own doing/omissions. If anything in this presentation is found to be in error a good faith effort will be made to correct it in timely fashion upon notification. VOID where prohibited by law.

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