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The Power of Quiet Weapons in Silent Wars

Silent weapons, as the name suggests, play their part by quietly spreading chaos. Weapons of mass destruction today, are not guns or grenades; rather, they are global supply of money through privately owned reserves. Everything that is expected from an ordinary weapon can be expected from silent weapons, but the only difference is how they operate and what the consequences of such a quiet war are.

Economic Amplifier

The use of silent weapons in wars is not a new concept. The only difference is in how these weapons operate and what consequences they bring. One of the main types of silent weapons is economic engineering, which uses economic amplifiers to control and manipulate the economy. Advertising is one of the simplest and most effective amplifiers that can change the perspective of an entire population. Media can create and overcome economic crises, depending on its role. To ensure the desired outcome, input and output signals are equally important. Society is controlled through certain reins that play the role of bullets in conspiracies. Some of the controls include:

-Control opportunities

-Control manufacturing

-Control capital

-Control service and labor forces

-Create chaos and disorder

The list goes on, and these controls are not necessarily imposed in the same order, but they have an everlasting impact on society.

Strategies by Crisis

The international stakeholders play an important role in creating a crisis in the region so that the state banks and interbank can interfere and make their moves. In the initial phase, it is very important to keep the public ignorant, the less the public is aware, the more the chances of creating greater chaos in the country. Less cash is given out, and more debt and credit are delivered so that the system can be controlled in a better way. When a system is run more on credit and debt, and less on cash, the chances of it getting choked are increased by manifolds.

Primary Strategy

In the world of warfare, there are two types of battles that are fought: the biological and the quiet wars. In the latter, the main focus is on how the minds of the people are controlled. Governments can be shut down when people start believing that they have no future and that their leaders have failed them. This is when the elites can swoop in and take over valuable resources or territories. To achieve this, the media is often used to manipulate and sabotage the mental activity of the population. Emotional appeals and distractions are common tactics that work like a charm.

While all this is going on, the real social issues that threaten the sovereignty of the elites are kept out of the media spotlight. Instead, the public's attention is diverted to non-significant issues that do not pose any threat to the establishment. Meanwhile, more and more information is gathered and organized through tax and federal information reserves, further empowering the silent weapon system.

However, any information or entity that poses a threat to the elite's sovereignty is quickly destroyed or taken under control. Banking conspiracy also plays a significant role in this system of control, with financial institutions being used to further the interests of the elites. In conclusion, the use of silent weapons in quiet wars involves not only physical force but also psychological manipulation and control of information, making it a powerful tool in the hands of those who seek to maintain their power and control over society.

System Analysis

System analysis is a strategy used to break down complex systems into simpler entities for better analysis. This process is also known as logistics evaluation, which is critical in real wars. However, the same strategy can be applied in a quiet war where the target is determined, and a strategy is made by banking moguls. Such conspiracies involve no bullets but are planned like a real war. The ignorance of the general public is what feeds these conspiracy theories and leads to their success.

In the 21st century, biological warfare is as real as anything else. Countries like China, America, and Russia have been working with technology in ways that are beyond our imagination. Artificial intelligence is transforming human systems into super systems equipped to perform tasks that are humanly impossible. Diseases like COVID-19, AIDS, and herpes were not present a century ago, and it's no secret that they are genetically modified viruses created for biological warfare.

Moreover, economic crises are generated in poorer countries to allow the elites to take control of their resources. The media is used to manipulate the minds of the people and divert their attention from significant social issues. The information is organized and assembled based on tax and federal information reserves, and anything that puts the sovereignty of the elites at risk is destroyed or taken control of. The banking conspiracy is also a significant part of these conspiracies.

Basically, quiet wars are fought through mind control, where the media plays a crucial role in manipulating the minds of people. System analysis is a vital strategy used to break down complex systems into simpler entities, allowing elites to plan their strategies like a real war without bullets. Some of the controls include economic amplifiers like advertising, and the media can change the perspective of an entire population. As the world moves forward, these conspiracies and biological warfare will continue to exist and evolve, making it more important to stay informed and aware.


In conclusion, the world is a complex place, and there are forces at play that are beyond the comprehension of the common man. The strategy of using silent weapons for quiet wars is a real and dangerous threat to the sovereignty of nations and the well-being of its citizens. It is important to remain vigilant, educate ourselves, and question the information that is presented to us through various media outlets. We must remember that the power of the people lies in their ability to think critically and act unitedly. We must strive for transparency and accountability from our leaders and hold them responsible for their actions. Only then can we hope for a world that is just and equitable for all.

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