The Justinian Deception Part 2- The UNIDROIT Slavery

Jan 4 / Dynamo Jakk
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In the previous article, we discussed about different forms of modern day slavery. Ended the previous article by introducing Dog Latin, which is a debased form of Latin. Let us now continue from where we left off. Make sure to read the previous article first if you haven't.


If you have read the previous article, you will remember that Dog Latin refers to any text that is fully capitalized and written in English. You can find text written in Dog Latin on your currency notes, on your driver's license and any other government issued official documents.

So why is Dog Latin all over official government issued documents? The simple answer to this is that since Dog Latin is so similar to written English, it is the best choice of script to use to weave the spell of slavery over the general population without anyone realizing what`s wrong.

But how did Dog Latin become the standard for all official government documents, be it in the USA, Australia, Pakistan, UK, Russia, China or any other country? Well there is always a method to madness.

In order to make Dog Latin the standard script on government documents, the “puppet masters” who have enslaved us, devised UNIDROIT.


Some areas upon which UNIDROIT focuses include

  • Agriculture
  • Capital markets
  • Civil procedure
  • Contracts
  • Cultural property
  • Secured transactions
  • Law and technology

In simple words, UNIDROIT aims to harmonize law in the world. To reduce friction between states during trade and other commercial activities. On the surface this sounds good but the facade falls off when we see that harmonization of commercial laws lead to all member states using Dog Latin.

The picture above has been taken from the site of UNIDROIT and it shows all member states highlighted in green. Member states are not “bound” to follow UNIDROIT laws but they can choose to. In practice, member states choose to follow UNIDROIT laws. Which means that UNIDROIT laws and conventions take precedence over traditional and customary laws.

This simply means that membership of UNIDROIT represents a soft coup, where countries willingly give precedence to UNIDROIT conventions. Thus becoming slaves to the global system of modern slavery, under the garb of harmonization of laws.

Think of it like this. The United Nations replaced the League of Nations and the purpose of the U.N is to “maintain global peace and security”. How many conflicts has the UN actually solved?

  • India and Pakistan took the Kashmir issue to the UN for a peaceful resolution in the 50s. But this move backfired as the UN has failed for over seven decades to resolve the issue. As a result Kashmir has become a nuclear flashpoint between two nuclear armed states, where conflict flares up every few years.

  • The UN has been unable to maintain peace between Israel and Palestine and work out a long lasting solution.

  • UN was unable to intervene and prevent the genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the 90s. 

There are countless other examples where the UN has utterly failed to fulfill its stated purpose. Yet still countries abide by UN rules, almost as slaves. UNIDROIT should be seen and understood in a similar light.

Note that UNIDROIT is based in Rome. This is a key point that ties the whole argument together.

Member countries of UNIDROIT function under the guidance and power of Rome. This is a very subtle point to understand. It no longer matters whether you are a citizen of the USA, Australia or any other member state. As long as your country is a member of UNIDROIT, you are by extension legally bound by the rules of UNIDROIT. In other words, you are subject to the rules of Rome.

When we say Rome, we mean the Vatican city. Which symbolizes the ancient Roman state, not Italy. The Vatican city has two official languages, Italian and Latin.

If we extend the logical reasoning on this point. We are going to realize that since all of our legal and commercial contracts are under the power of Roman authority, then by default Rome holds the legal titles of all of the member states of UNIDROIT.

Concept of Artificial Person

So far we have discussed modern slavery, Dog Latin and how UNIDROIT uses both of these concepts to put member states under Roman authority and rule. The thought procession so far should therefore be clear.

Dog Latin(Grammar) is the tool and UNIDROIT is the vehicle to put everyone under Roman authority.

At this point we should pause and look at the concept of an artificial legal person before we move ahead. An individual under any law, is a natural legal person. If you are a natural person, then you are under law a natural legal person.

However, when you make a company for example. Then the company gets the title of an “Artificial legal person”. This is done to bring the company under law for taxation and legal purposes. Since a company is not natural, it is designated as an artificial legal person.

The same applies to the “Strawman” that is created when your birth certificate is created in Dog Latin. Your birth certificate gives birth to an artificial legal person who can be used as a legal vehicle by the government. God created you and your parents gave birth to you. But who creates the artificial entities?

The answer is simple, artificial entities such as companies and strawmen are created by the state. If you set up a company in any country, you cannot do business unless the state grants you the certificate of incorporation. If you become a doctor, a lawyer or a CPA you cannot practice unless the state and the relevant regulatory body grants you a license and permission to practice.

The same rule applies to artificial legal persons. With this point cleared, it becomes easy to understand that with UNIDROIT or in other words Rome (Vatican) having the authority over all member states, has the power to create artificial persons.

We will end the article on this point and continue this discussion about artificial persons, the creator and how the Justinian deception plays out in the next article.

NOTICE: This treatise constitutes neither the practice of law, nor the giving of legal advice, Information served herein is for informational and educational purposes only. Author does not consent to unlawful action. Author advocates and encourages one and all to adhere to, support and defend all LAW which is particularly applicable. You are responsible for yourself and your own actions. If you act on what you do not understand and cannot support through knowledge and ability, any adverse consequences you may experience are entirely a product of your own doing/omissions. If anything in this presentation is found to be in error a good faith effort will be made to correct it in timely fashion upon notification. VOID where prohibited by law.

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