GSA Forms to Settle Many Court Cases

Court “charges” are all about bonds and accounting

DISCLAIMER: The provider of this material does not render legal or accounting advice and is not licensed to do so. Do your own homework and seek competent counsel where needed. For entertainment and self-study purposes only. All rights reserved UCC 1-308. Non-assumpsit. Much of this material is 3rd party and is not offered as a direct coaching option.



You = living man
Listed as Last, First Middle (hospital record and UCC forms)
aka “creditor” / principal / beneficiary / owner / Executor
but don’t waive it BUT claim it and USE and control it

Your ALL CAPS NAME (OR M.I. based Name) = BC “strawman”
aka an estate / the surety (for the liability) / the trustee/ the defendant
/ Trade name.

This is your vessel or transmitting utility into commerce.

The SSN is an account# used for contracts.

Remember Crimes are all Commercial …they issue a “True Bill”.

WHY GSA? All criminal cases are “Bonded” until you settle it.

Remember, a BOND offer takes the place of the body as surety - BOOM released.
The heart of this lies in 31 U.S.C. § 3113 - Accepting Gifts -


Research… What is Money? What is Public Debt? You are the “creditor” for the Strawman, remember? What is an individual, surety, entity, etc.? Do your own homework

Getting started …. Read and download before watching videos...

Look these up at - look under the forms section. Download these forms to get started. Read them carefully. Only use the newest form, they may update quarterly in some cases. If you use an old form it is less likely to go forward. STOP and do this now.
Go to:
Download ALL of these forms: SF24, SF25, SF25A / OF 91 / SF 273, SF274, SF 275
/ SF 1414, SF 1415, SF 1416, and SF 1418. Be sure to use ONLY the latest forms, they update quarterly.


As far as NAMES - Your estate name FIRST MIDDLE LAST is the surety and the case ID name, LAST, FIRST MIDDLE is the principal (and the creditor).

ALL caps names do NOT matter, don’t make that an issue. It’s about the way is it stated as above.

Prepare a Notepad Text Document with all the data ready to Copy and Paste from.

The address of the
surety is the local county courthouse where one was born, so look up that address and have it ready to use in multiple places.

POWER OF ATTORNEY - If someone is in jail now, get a Power of Attorney from them so you can sign for them, in both NAME capacities as above. Have those names clearly stated and written into the power of attorney document. Any attorney or paralegal can help with that, OR use a standard form you can get from Office Depot, but have an attorney review just the POA for you. You don’t necessarily need to tell the attorney or paralegal why you are doing all of this, but the POA is needed from the inmate to do this for them. SEEK LEGAL COUNSEL IF NEEDED. Fill in the prisoner's information but YOU sign and attach a copy of the POA with each package. The simply mail the POA to the jail - include instructions on how to get a notary and sign, then include a postage paid self-address return envelope for the inmate to send back to you. Keep discussion by phone to a minimum as those calls are monitored. There is nothing illegal as far as we have seen, you just don't want to give it all away. This is private process. Just tell them you are working on something and need that POA right away to try and get them out.
Your only goal is to “discharge” and replace the bond holding them so they can be “discharged”. They will be held and warehoused as collateral until a new bond releases the bond holding them.

The Court Case Number is generally the BOND#, if applicable.
The BOND date would have been the actual arrest or arraignment date first appearing before court.

If a non-court-based mortgage or loan matter go with the origination date it was closed and signed. Those are not handled though court but through the CFO (by name) of the lending instituti

Please read EVERY word of the instructions on each form carefully.
You must have a command of the concept to apply it in your particular case. You are ultimately responsible for this. It is all spelled out for you. Make informed decisions. We cannot always easily answer a simple email question, not knowing the matter or context. A paid private consultation is suggested if you want feedback on these. Have them filled out in advance as far as you can, and email then ONLY when we agree to do such a consult. Do not simply email them and expect a response without a consult.

Review 48 CFR 28.203 Acceptability of individual sureties (READ IT)

Review 48 CFR 53.228 Can be used for ANY issues (READ IT)

Criminal Cases use - 28, 90, 91 primarily, PLUS 24, 25, 25a for State Criminal cases, courts, prison situations, etc. Or for Federal criminal case instead use the same 28, 90, 91 PLUS SF 273, SF274, SF 275. It is reported the 200 series forms have been used get someone ou
t of Federal prison.

Civil Case or Commercial Money Matter
- Use 28, 90, 91 in almost every commercial matter PLUS SF 1414, SF 1415, SF 1416, and SF 1418 series. Consider this for anything other than cases, such as IRS, court lawsuits, mortgage settlement, student loans, child support, etc. These may vary depending on case, we suggest you contract for a private consultation if unsure.

Child Support
- Use the beginning date of the case they started and the Case number/ bond date, and settle the account in honor vs arguing. You are effectively settling it in full, it not fighting it. This is not really for marriage or custody battles, those are straight contract arguments over marriage property and generally do not apply, unless they are charging you with something.

unless it became Criminal matter in nature, such as DUI, assaulting an officer, weapons, drugs etc. Use a Jurisdictional Challenge Traffic processes first for those, unless criminal in nature. See traffic folders. 

- this is used to explain what you are offering them, either to the clerk and for what purposes or the lender’s CFO. 

ALSO review material on the Silver Bonds concept, as they can also be effective as a separate process. Remember, even criminal cases are only a matter of commerce, and thus why one can use bonds to offset the debt (or their bond) and become in honor to settle vs fight the matter. 

We have been told to consider this concept on a Pre-release bond, trial matter, pre or post sentencing, in prison, and after prison to also close down the criminal record (bond). Do not expect them to lay down and play “ok you got us”, but instead expect them to play dumb and test you - so follow through is key. Ensure your bond is seen and honored.


If a non-court mortgage matter or something similar, send directly to financial institution to CFO, in private. Note this is a release of lien process. You need performance and payment bonds PLUS MAYBE a 1099A to take care of the payment, if merely a civil claim. MANY REPORTS discharging everything directly through the GSA and to the IRS in those matters.

If an existing US Tax Court Case one might put Case# (IRS case, USDC case#, or search warrant case# etc.) + a Form 56 to use GSA bonds to settle a tax account. If in a criminal case, treat it as you would any criminal case. You may have to test, adjust and try again after a certain time. Give these up 90 days unless it is an urgent matter, as GSA gift acceptances open up quarterly.

Ideas about Bankruptcy to discharge debts. These courts are commercial in nature and operate under admiralty maritime laws, they bond your assets until settled. So, settle the bond to release their bond. It’s also all about trusts, sureties, bonds etc., right? (See, Be The One To Execute Your Trust - by David Robinson - available at So, bring these bonds to them PRIVATELY to the CLERK, by NAME inside a sealed envelope labeled PRIVATE - EYES ONLY FOR ________ (clerk by name) to have them settle the account of the bonds they created against you when they opened a case# (account#). Generally, send the originals to GSA for the record, and the primary original set to the CLERK of any court. Never present this in public to the public judge, always mail them REGISTERED MAIL RESTRICTED DELIVERY to the man or woman CLERK at the court by name. Don’t mix public and “private”.

Do a separate set of forms per lien or per case number.

Signing and Sealing the Forms

Print The Bonds on high quality BOND paper (best), or 24- or 32-pound paper. Something better than cheap 20 lb. paper at least.

There are 2 ways to SEAL the document

OPTION #1 SEAL METHOD - Purchase some small GOLD seal stickers to put where the Corporate Surety or SEAL is indicated, next to signatures. PLUS buy and use a CRIMPING seal stamp to impress a seal on every document. Consider these sources - or or Office Depot, or others. ORDER THIS TODAY. Tell them to make 90 degrees, approach from the Right side of a page if possible or from the bottom. A Small simple seal is needed 1.5 in size - see where the corporate seals appear on the forms to estimate sizes.

Across the top of the seal circle use: LAST, FIRST MIDDLE

In the center use your date of birth from your birth certificate such as:

EST: 03-30-1965 (BC birth date). EST = Established Date. OR use Your INITIALS in the middle like = L F M (Last First Middle)

Around the bottom use: DBA: FIRST MIDDLE LAST or use (which I did) EST: 03-30-1965 DBA:

Abbreviate if needed to fit. It is just your MARK.

Do this after you sign documents in blue, then and make color copies of all the pages, double sided, THEN add seals to all copies. In that order. AGAIN - Sign them all with blue ink, then make several original color printouts of every document (signed and sealed). Make enough originals at least for the Court Document Master set and one set for the GSA filed set (optional if a court case). Some say sending court cases to GSA is not necessary, since the court already processes GSA forms already. You decide. If in doubt notify...anyone you can think of.

It seems that sending to GSA is more important on NON-court-based matters, like when dealing with lenders, and other public credit institutions. These are not for sending to individuals. Read all instructions carefully. Do no reply on these instructions for each form.

Send additional copies to all parties you can think of notifying, and keep one for yourself. All copies are also double sided on higher quality paper.

Sign the same way you printed the names in BLUE ink so they see it is an original, using Last, First Middle or First Middle Last accordingly. Nothing else in the signature formatting is needed


Many use this simpler approach vs crimp seal method or some prefer to use BLUE or RED Thumb print instead. It should be barely touching the last letter of your living man / principal signature VS the crimp seal method in the corporate seal box. A simple quality Red or Blue ink pad is all you need in that case. Many have used this method just as well as the imprint method above. You choose what you feel empowered by.

When sending to GSA look up the current administrator's name and address at Once delivery to GSA is confirmed (overnight US Express Mail suggested). Then submit to the lender or other party you may be processing these with.

Submit the GSA Bonds under “private seal” to the clerk and Judge and ALSO FILE a public BOND into the court record as you would any court document filing (see below). The public bond is recorded at the clerk’s office like you would any court filing as it is meant to be seen on the record.

The GSA bods are only submitted privately for the Clerk as separate item. Keep public and private separate.

So, inside the REGISTERED MAIL envelope you mail the GSA bonds with, have the bonds inside another sealed envelope as well - with the words PRIVATE and CONFIDENTIAL written in red on it, for CLERK of the court: and for JUDGE , RE Case File# .

After signing one original set, and BEFORE you put the GOLD seal and crimp on any of them, make a bunch of color copies of the signed originals, double sided. When sending to GSA, include a cover letter to GSA with instructions regarding this GIFT you are making (see enclosure below to include with all packages).

Put the Gold sticker and crimp seal OR THUMB print seal option on the original sets you create.

Also include an original certified-copy of the birth certificate to GSA AND/OR to the court, plus include Certified Copy of the indictment with the 2 main packages here. Certified copies can be obtained from the court clerk.

Mail an original GSA package to the primary party (court or lender) using REGISTERED MAIL (this can take some time). These send to GSA via US Postal Overnight Express Mail.

If in an emergency you can deliver the GSA package to the court clerk privately, when you also file the public BOND. It is best to use REGISTERED MAIL for the sake of the record and they have not right of refusal.

Then make the other color copies you made with the original printing, with your signature previously copied as well from the original, and apply GOLD stickers and crimp seal them all OR RED thumb print seal as applicable. Color Copies can be made and just mailed to other non-official parties as notices.

You could make a short cover letter addendum to any interested parties as applicable to explain your intentions. i.e.: prosecutor, plaintiff attorney, sheriff, jail, prison warden, mortgage company CFO, selling trustee, child support agency, investigator, etc. This should indicate to the effect: You could use the same cover letter sent to GSA and simply handwrite on it somewhere in red:

“This is your copy of the GSA documents I delivered to GSA via express delivery# and to the court clerk on ____2018 (include a copy of the delivery confirmation). Please consider this is now in process prior to proceeding regarding case # etc.”.

If it is Debt matter and not in a court, with a mortgage company and servicer (for example if a mortgage matter, credit card, etc. Send to the CFO, the selling trustee if in non-judicial foreclosure. Anyone who is touching this matter should at least be notified by mail. Use common sense and cover your bases, don’t ask us to tell you.


Obtain Certified Copies of The National Bank Act as you evidence in the foreclosure case, if one is open. Pay the bond into your case number.

-See Mortgage company / servicing company state of acct/loan# 123456567 (attached).

-See Form 90 and Standard Form 28 (attached)

-See 13 The National Bank Act stat 99 sections:


-See all other attachments

Could this concept be used in Bankruptcy Case#, Child support case, with Liens, etc.?

  • File it all into the case using the case#.

  • Send original to GSA and copies to the court clerk if applicable (use the clerk’s name and write PRIVATE on the envelope in RED. Include original certified copies of your birth certificate with the original GSA package, which certifies you are alive and holding the proof of the estate. Then once originals are delivered to GSA - attach delivery confirmation proof printout to any copies you send to other parties, so they know this is in the hands of the GSA once they get it.

  • You have just bonded (set off) the case liability.

  • Also keep in mind this should apply to someone in jail or a past judgment as well.

Could a Bankruptcy (BK) case include ALL the known debts, including a mortgage, and wrap it all up at one time and keep you home free and clear? Think about it, using the GSA concept combined with standard bankruptcy procedure forms. If you do so, read carefully. You are effectively offering a bond to set off the liabilities or other bonds they have placed on you.

The idea is to apply the GSA bonds into the BK case to settle all the accounts vs just try to walk away from bills. A mortgage may act in dishonor come back to make another claim if you are not careful. That would be fraud on the court by them, so make a fuss about it if they do. Keep the concept clear in your mind as you do this. So why not have the BK trustee settle and have the debt fully? Think it through carefully. Most people go into bankruptcy in dishonor of debts, you are using it to settle the debts in honor. Keep the focus in your interaction with the trustee.

WORK with them, not against them and do NOT mix any other patriot concepts into this (not needed and will mess it up).

You may first have to file the (BK) case “naked” or minimal filing (not all the forms initially), to stop a sale upcoming soon, and add the asset sheet later. But first get the GSA forms submitted and proof of delivery with the copies provided to the BK court judge privately delivered. Use the BK case# as the account number to set off on the forms. Then once the forms and birth certificate are delivered to GSA and you have a printout of with proof of delivery, THEN file the copies along with proof of delivery to GSA, into clerk or judge (by name), send a copy to the BK trustee directly as well.

Remember you are still letting them see this PRIVATELY so label any packages as such. Don’t just file them into the clerks file as the is public. Don't bring this up openly in the public hearings or they get nervous. If needed you may simply ask, “did you receive my private papers your honor? during the next hearing, if needed.

On the Bankruptcy Asset forms, GSA filing delivery if confirmed, you could put the GSA bonds down as an asset on your Asset Schedule, and attach the GSA papers now filed with GSA.

Do this as an addendum to the case AFTER the bare bones BK case is files and creditors are notified of the filing.


IDEA: Test this yourself. When you file Chapter bankruptcy, list all debts. BUT be sure to put mortgage debts down as an unsecured creditor, if you also filed the revocation of signatures for fraud first. You are challenging their claim to even be a “secured” party. 99% of the time they are not the actually party to the deed of trust security, but you must challenge it. They won’t do it for you. Disregard this if unsure.

A quick and inexpensive way to organize your BK filing is to use: (not .com) OR use an attorney (but beware, be may not agree with your process). At least look into that self-filed option to save time and money. Don’t forget to take and submit the 1-hour Creditor Counseling test prior to filing. They will give you resources for that. Missing that step can kill your filing right away.

Require all parties to submit a B10 claim form under penalties of perjury. Agree to a payment plan only CONDITIONALLY upon a high standard proof of claim. Offer your bonds (GSA or SILVER Bond I like even better) to settle all verified national debts in lawful money (Under Article 1 section). If they can command anything other than gold or silver, have them produce the constitutional authority, or simply accept your bond. See how easy that was?

Robin Carnahan GSA's Administrator (verify if this is current yourself)
U.S. General Services Administration

1800 F Street, NW

Washington, DC 20405

Include an Original Certified Copy of the Certificate of Live Birth, a certified copy of the indictment, charging papers, or ticket, as applicable in each original submission to GSA and a separate pack for each case number, or account# you are dealing with. So, you will need to order several certified copies of the Certificate of Live Birth, from the vital record agency who issues them in your birth state.


When submitting to the court, Bankruptcy or whatever kind of court case, do not openly submit to the clerk or present in open court. They will attack you likely. Instead make an appointment with the clerk to hand them with the writing on the outside in red somewhere, something to the effect:

“Special - Private - Priority - Sealed Documents” “Eyes Only - Chambers only for (Clerk and Judge , Ref case# ”. or something like this.

These can be mailed Registered Mail, in but I also like delivering and getting them to give me a receipt. A Man shows up takes action in person. You need to submit on the private side of the court “in personam” to the CLERK by name. If the Bankruptcy trustee gets involved, tell him these are private documents to be seen only by the CLERK first. But you can mail a set to the trustee after delivery. These initial GSA steps and getting this to the court early is important - do the best you can to cover your bases. There is no magic here, it’s just a good idea to give good notice and procedure. Then and of course then mail copies to other parties you made. Be very clear and simple.

If you can’t get to the court to deliver a set of documents, PLAN B is to send a copy of the GSA already delivered, to the court using Registered Mail to the CLERK by name. Be sure include the proof of delivery print out for the GSA package, so they know it is already delivered to GSA. It shows you are serious and know what you are doing. If necessary, call the clerk's’ office ahead and find out who that person to deliver to would be. Of course, leave your private contact information if they need to reach you “privately”.

Possible Cover letter to GSA and others

We have learned recently that a solid OFFER of a gift in a cover letter is needed with GSA bonds. The government has allowed the GSA bonds to work then come back with something later to entrap people into thinking they did something wrong. We are told by those who have done this, that a simple contract and cover letter instruction is needed to minimize this from happening. Man in the past forgot to do something Along these lines. NOT LEGAL ADVICE - Make this you own and be well informed, so it does not look canned.


GSA Administrator (by name) Address

SUB: GSA Bonds as GIFT for Bond# (case# or account# etc.) RE: Case/File# US District Court of IOWA CR- 123445

Please review enclosed GSA documents for consideration as a gift to the United States for reducing the public debt relating to accounts associated with JOHN H. DOE as outlined in the enclosed forms.

If there are any discrepancies or errors to address, please contact me at PHONE#, email, etc. 21 days after receipt this shall constitute your acceptance and agreement this is procedurally correct, lawful, and is accepted as a Gift for settling this United States debt specified in the enclose documents, without objection.

______________________________ ________ 2018
You Full Name - as Principal Creditor
And for JOHN H. DOE - surety/Lifetime


Enclosures - see enclosure 1 regarding gifts GSA forms (list all enclosures)

Also, to be delivered personally or by mail to:
Clerk of the court Via Registered mail or delivered
Sheriff, prosecutor, etc. (list address sent to)

ALWAYS Bond the Case - FILE this on the public side - NEW INFO

At the very least do this if not even using GSA bonds, a BOND notice should be filed into ANY court, CPS, lawsuit, civil, foreclosure, or traffic case.

This is for the PUBLIC side only, in addition to any private bonds you might also try on the PRIVATE side such as a private bond or GSA bonds, but you must to this on the public side as notice, leaving the private side instruments PRIVATE. This should be entered as any court pleading would look.

John Henry Doe as Principal



Superior Court in and for the County of [or wherever]







There appearing no bond of record to initiate the matter regarding Case # 0000000 and/or Warrant # 000000 [if applicable] and associated account(s), I, John Doe Smith, undertake as follows:

In consideration of the fact that no lawful money of account exists in circulation, and in consideration if the fact that I have suffered dishonor regarding the matter of Case # 000000 and or Warrant # 000000 and associated account(s), I underwrite with my private exemption #123456789 (enter SSN without dashes), regarding any and all obligations of performance/loss/costs sustained by the United States of America or State of
[name of state - as applicable] and the respectful citizens thereof regarding said matter.
Done at [name of county] county, [state], this day of APRIL, 2018.

John Henry Doe - Principal

ENCLOSURE 1 - 31 U.S. Code § 3113 - Accepting Gifts

(a) To provide the people of the United States with an opportunity to make gifts to the United States Government to be used to reduce the public debt

(1) the Secretary of the Treasury may accept for the Government a gift of

(A) money made only on the condition that it be used to reduce the public debt;

(B) an obligation of the Government included in the public debt made only on the condition that the obligation be canceled and retired and not reissued; and

(C) other intangible personal property made only on the condition that the property is sold and the proceeds from the sale used to reduce the public debt; and

(2) the Administrator of General Services may accept for the Government a gift of tangible property made only on the condition that it be sold and the proceeds from the sale be used to reduce the public debt.

(b) The Secretary and the Administrator each may reject a gift under this section when the rejection is in the interest of the Government.

(c) The Secretary and the Administrator shall convert a gift either of them accepts under subsection (a)(1)(C) or (2) of this section to money on the best terms available. If a gift accepted under subsection (a) of this section is subject to a gift or inheritance tax, the Secretary or the Administrator may pay the tax out of the proceeds of the gift or the proceeds of the redemption or sale of the gift.

(d) The Treasury has an account into which money received as gifts and proceeds from the sale or redemption of gifts under this section shall be deposited. The Secretary shall use the money in the account to pay at maturity, or to redeem or buy before maturity, an obligation of the Government included in the public debt. An obligation of the Government that is paid, redeemed, or bought with money from the account shall be canceled and retired and may not be reissued. Money deposited in the account is appropriated and may be expended to carry out this section.

(e) (1) The Secretary shall redeem a direct obligation of the Government bearing interest or sold on a discount basis on receiving it when the obligation

(A) is given to the Government;

(B) becomes the property of the Government under the conditions of a trust; or

(C) is payable on the death of the owner to the Government (or to an officer of the Government in the officer’s official capacity).

(2) If the gift or transfer to the Government is subject to a gift or inheritance tax, the Secretary shall pay the tax out of the proceeds of redemption.
NOTICE: This treatise constitutes neither the practice of law, nor the giving of legal advice, Information served herein is for informational and educational purposes only. Author does not consent to unlawful action. Author advocates and encourages one and all to adhere to, support and defend all LAW which is particularly applicable. You are responsible for yourself and your own actions. If you act on what you do not understand and cannot support through knowledge and ability, any adverse consequences you may experience are entirely a product of your own doing/omissions. If anything in this presentation is found to be in error a good faith effort will be made to correct it in timely fashion upon notification. VOID where prohibited by law.

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